American Brush Company

Food Processing Industries

We take great pride in our brushes to food processors. Our experience and knowledge can help you in determining what is the best solution for your food processing needs.

Brushes for the Food Processing Industries

Below is a chart of recommended brush styles for your needs.

Recommended Brush Specifications for Food Processing

ProductFilamentMetal Grip RollerPlastic Core RollerStaves
Carrots.012-.050 Nylon or Polypropylene30-36 wraps per foot18-64 rowsN/A
Onions.012-.050 Nylon or Polypropylene28-36 wraps per foot18-64 rowsN/A
Russets.022-.036 Nylon28-36 wraps per foot18-64 rowsN/A
Red/Gold Potatoes.010-.022 Nylon or Polypropylene28-36 wraps per foot18-26 rowsN/A
Tomatoes.010-.022 Nylon or Polypropylene28-36 wraps per foot18-26 rowsN/A
Pears, Apples, Cherries.010-.045 Nylon or PolypropyleneN/AN/AVarious lengths and widths

Brush Length Styles for Food Processing and Peeling Brushes
Most commonly used style of brush for food processing and peeling are Metal Grip Roller Brushes. Listed below are our most common lengths and general descriptions of these brushes that are OEM compatible.
APBMI is your custom brush manufacturer and we are able duplicate many styles of food processing brushes if your general specifications are not listed below. Please call for information and pricing.

Food Processing and Peeling Brushes 69.75" x 5.25".
A right hand wrapped brush, 34 wraps per foot and canted strip with stainless steel retaining wire. Core has four 1" lugs per end to mount onto a square shaft using the polyurethane insert. Brush typically requires two inserts and should be sold with brush. Standard filament for these brushes are a .022", .028", or .036 white crimped nylon.

Food Processing and Peeling Brushes 80" x 5.375".
Same as above except at 32 wraps per foot and made with a .022 black crimped nylon.

Food Processing and Peeling Brushes 70" x 5.875".
28 wraps per foot available with the following filaments: .018" black crimp nylon, .022 black crimp nylon. .025" crimp polypropylene, .028" black crimp nylon, .036" black crimp polypropylene, .045" black crimp nylon.

Food Processing and Peeling Brushes 8.438" x 47.563".
A larger peeling brush with max wraps per foot and comes with a .028 black straight nylon. Core diameter is a 6.25" diameter and has a 5.875" bore.

Stave Brushes.
Stave brushes are used in the processing of fruit to make juice or concentrate. They are generally made out of a plastic block and nylon material. They can be various lengths and heights, please call for details, or see our stave webpage.

Brushes for the Seafood Industry
Our Northwest location is perfect for your brushes used to clean fish and crabs. We manufacture split core and non-split core brushes made to your specifications. Give us a call for pricing and availability!

Brushes for General Food Processing
Most Brushes are needed for many types of food processing. We manufacture custom brushes for egg processors, trommel screens, seed and pea harvesters and brushes for transferring. Call us for additional questions or comments.