American Brush Company

Brushes for All Industries

Although we specialize in food applications with our top quality brushes, we also supply to a variety of industries ranging from intricate high tech to trommel screens, from gently cleaning glass to aggressive contact for scrubbing rough surfaces.

Below are some more examples of industries we frequently manufacture custom brushes for. If you don't see your particular industry, please call us! In the nearly 100 years we have been doing business, we have seen many different needs and applications of our brushes.

Paper and Printing Industry

Small tufted rollers are commonly used in the printing industry for holding down materials, straightening the product or to help move along paper. Our filament is soft enough to help your production without scratching the surfaces.

High Tech and Electronics Industry

Brushes are found in all areas of the electronic and hi-tech industries to help with constraining dust particles. We even can provide anti-static filament for special applications.

Brushes for Golf and Field surfaces

We supply brushes for golf courses to pick up plugs after aeration, to keep the back of mowers clean, and to sweep sidewalks. Sports turf companies use our stave brushes for fields, and we often refill these stave brushes to save our customer money.

Glass and Mirror Industries

APBMI has extensive knowledge in manufacturing glass brushes meant for high RPM's and delicate glass surfaces. Whether you need the entire unit with stub shaft construction, or the core unit to be refilled and balanced, APBMI can serve your needs with top quality fabrication.