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Metal Grip Roller (MGR) and Metal Grip Coil (MGC) Brushes

Roller brushes are used in many industrial applications where continuous filament movement creates the proper brushing action. From cleaning conveyors to polishing fresh produce, roller brushes are effective in applying coatings or removing debris for varied surfaces and shapes.

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Metal grip rollers are welded to a metal core and spiral wound. Wraps per foot determines the density of the brush.

Metal grip roller brushes provide a heavy duty service for many types of washing, waxing, cleaning and scrubbing operations. A metal grip strip brush is spirally wound around a shaft or core of which can be galvanized or stainless steel. We also can provide shafting for your brush that also is machined to fit most installations. We offer steel keyed or taper lock hubs, and filaments can be natural or synthetic.

Metal Grip Coils

Coil brushes are spiral wrapped just like metal grip rollers, but come without the attaching core or shaft. Collars, U-bolts, welds, and tension hold the coil brush to your shaft or core.

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Coil brushes are a less expensive option to apply to an existing core, drum or shaft. Manufactured like a "slinky", these are often a great way to replace brushes that wear with frequency.

Wire Filament Spiral Brushes

For high abrasive applications, we offer spiral wrapped steel and stainless steel wire filaments. These are most often used in high temperature applications, or those that need aggressive scrubbing. Ranges in gauge of filament is .005"-.022". Call us for a quote and lead times on this special applications brush.

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Dimensions of the Metal Grip Roller Brush:
A or C Hub Style - Do you use a round shaft, or a square drive shaft?
D  Filament - See our Custom Brush Options.
E   Core/Shaft diameter - The I.D. of the coil brush.
G  Overall brush trim - This includes the metal backing, see chart below for various sizes.
H  Overall diameter - The overall width across the centerline.
J   Brush part - The span of the brush part only, not including any exposes shafting/piping.
K  Overall brush length - Includes the span of the core/shaft.
L   Core type - Identifies if brush is wrapped to a core/drum or direct to a shaft.
M  Metal strip type - Can be made of galvanized or stainless steel only.
N  Wraps per foot - To determine the density of the brush by the amount of wraps in a 12" span.

Looking for a quote? Go to the Metal Grip Roller quote request form. Don't hesitate to call us for any questions regarding the request form.

Metal Strip Sizes and Styles Available for Metal Grip Roller (MGR) brushes

At this time, all of our metal grip roller brushes are custom made.  Below is a chart to help determine what metal channel is right for your brush application. 
 Strip Number Raw Size Dim.  Formed Base Dim.  Formed Height Dim.  Trim Size Range Material Size Range  Galvanized/Stainless 
#4  .5" .190"  .195"  .5" -7" .003"-.014"  Both Available 
#7  .875" .290"  .315"  .75" -7" .003"-.060"  Both Available 
#8  1"  .320"  .375"  .875" -14" .003"-.120"  Both Available