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Metal Grip Strip Brushes

Strip brushes are used for a variety of industrial applications. Grading, smoothing, flow control and dust barriers are a few examples of uses for strip brushes.

Our strip brushes are made with either steel or stainless steel backing, and can be filled with natural, synthetic and steel filaments that range from .003" up to .090". Currently, we are able to make our brushes with .5", .875", and 1" channel strip wide before brush formation to accommodate varying sizes of strips and filaments. We can manufacture overall trim lengths from .375" up to 24".

Also available is our extruded aluminum holder that fits our .875" (#7) channel, and comes in three varieties for correct positioning. Choose from inline ("h" style), perpendicular/right angle ("F" style), or double holder.

Metal Grip Strip Brushes We can run our brush trim to accomodate vehicles that need a guard against road debris, up to 30" in overall trim! They can be mounted using our aluminum extruded holder, and are custom made to your desired length and filament. Please call us or fill out our quote request form below for further information.
Metal Grip Strip Brushes A retaining wire holds the filament within the crimped steel. For special applications, this retaining wire is available in stainless or galvanized with a variety of gauges.
Dimensions of the Metal Grip Strip Brush:
A. Brush Trim - Extension of the filament from the metal back channel.
B. Length - Strip brushes are run in continuity.
C. Overall Trim - Height of filament plus the height of the metal strip. See chart below for metal back channel information.
D. Filament - See our glossary for filaments available, or call us for a recommendation.

Aluminum holder for metal grip strip brushes

Our holder is extruded specifically for our #7 channel and is available in 3 styles. Holder is cut to length from 20 foot pieces.

Metal Grip Strip Brushes Our inline holder, or "h" style holds your brush strip in line to the flange.

Metal Grip Strip Brushes Our double holder, used for two brushes side by side.

Metal Grip Strip Brushes Our right angle holder, or "F" style, holds your brush strip perpendicular to the flange.

Metal Grip Strip Brushes

 Strip Number Raw Size Dim.  Formed Base Dim.  Formed Height Dim.  Trim Size Range Material Size Range  Galvanized/Stainless 
#4  .5" .190"  .195"  .5" -7" .003"-.014"  Both Available 
#7  .875" .290"  .315"  .75" -30" .003"-.060"  Both Available 
#8  1"  .320"  .375"  .875" -14" .003"-.120"  Both Available

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