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Coating, Staining, Painting Brushes

Applications for wood, roofing, coating and staining industries.

Brushes for paint, staining, coating & roofing industries.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have many wood industries that rely on our brushes for applying paint and stain to their products. We have extensive knowledge and resources to help determine what brush is right for you. Many of these brushes are stocked for fast delivery, but if you don't find the right size or style for your machinery, please call us for a custom quote.

Stocked Metal Grip Coils
Custom manufactured brushes for the wood coating industry and used to prefinish and stain siding for various wood types, including cedar. Sized to fit a variety of staining machines and wood sizes.

MGC 6 x 4 with .5" ID side staining brush - MB20090
MGC 8 x 4 with .5" ID side staining brush - MB200908
MGC 12 x 4 with .5" ID side staining brush - MB20091
MGC 18 x 4 with .5" ID side staining brush - MB20092
MGC 50 x 5 with 1.25" ID Cut-to-length coil - MB80050
MGC 50 x 6 with 1.25" ID Cut-to-length coil - MB80060

Stocked Metal Grip Rollers
These are our stocked roller brushes for top and bottom staining machines. Brush is wrapped directly to a shaft, which is turned down to 1".

Top Stain MGR 21.5 x 5 - MB20095
Bottom Stain MGR 23 x 5 - MB20096

Coating Applicator Rollers
Manufactured tufted and metal grip rollers used for applying color and sealant to ceramic roof tiles.

MGR 17 x 7 color applicator with .018" polypropylene - MB20250
MGR 17 x 8 color applicator with .018" polypropylene - MB20300
PSCR 16 x 5.5 color applicator tufted roller - MB30010

General Wood processing and Forestry applications
Our brushes are found for use in finger joiner machines, veneer and plywood manufacturing, molding and virtually any other type of wood related industry. Please give us a call or visit our Products page for a form to fill out for your quote.

Saw Tooth Brush
This unique shaped brush comes in 6" segments and allows exact lengths needed. Once a section is worn out, these are very easy and inexpensive to replace.

Plastic Dash Brushes
These are used to texture faux rock and pool sides. This brush is disposable and is made of yellow crimped plastic in a wood block. We also carry bassine fiber-a natural filament-as an alternative. Sold in full cases of 12 only. Please inquire for pricing.